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This websites contents and drawings are all copy written and original by Timeka Swann, MBA.  Any reproductions, copying, use or re-use is prohibited unless written and personally signed by creator and owner, Timeka Swann.  

GraceVision Greetings Services

Communication is the Key

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Gift Card Packages 

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A Full GVC Pack includes
5 colored 2 x 8 sized book marks,
10 of 5 x 7 1/4 sized greeting cards,
10 of 3 1/2 x 5 sized post cards,
12 of 2 x 3 1/2 insert cards, in 16 of original drawings,
2 posters of the Signed Collectors’ Edition of an original Collection Set of Beautiful Hand Designed and Colored Art; your choice of 9 prints.

Subscription Package Information
Your customer receive BRC’s (Business Reply Cards) twice per year.
You receive:

  • Purchased subscription quantity of

             25 – 50 clients, with or without BRC comments

            50 -150 clients, with BRC comments

            50 – 500 clients, with BRC comments

  • Choice of printed cards for purchase
  • An updated mailing list for your own business use.
  • A complete Custom Report and Analysis
  • Greeting cards

            1 free set of 35 – additional

  • Verified calendar of mailings
  • Reminder notices, mailed 3-5 days prior to appt. due date

            Via email when Appointment is mailed.

               - Appointment = greeting card mailing date


1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION – Full Business Service
BRC & GVC Full Gift Set
BRCs will include service question(s), personally created to fit your business.   

There is 2 types of mailings to choose from.
One Time Mailing 2x per yr.
1 Question on BRC is Free with first purchase of services, without Comments.
5 Questions for Reply with Comments